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Professional Residential Cleaning Services

Keep your home spotless with our detailed cleaning solutions. If you need skilled cleaners who can keep your property well-maintained, Perfect Services has you covered. Rest assured that we will go the extra mile to offer dependable solutions tailored to your residential property cleaning needs. To learn more about our service packages, feel free to contact us.

What We Do


  • Clean, Disinfect, and Rinse Sinks
  • Clean, Disinfect, and Rinse Tubs/Showers
  • Clean and Shine Chromes
  • Disinfect Toilets

  • Clean Vanity Tops
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Wipe Down Windowsills
  • Empty Trash Bins

  • Clean Baseboards
  • Vacuum and Wash Floor
  • Vacuum Floor Mats


  • Vacuum Carpets

  • Make Beds
  • Linens changed. Just leave out 
  • Dust All Areas

  • Clean Mirrors
  • Clean Windowsills
  • Empty Trash

  • Clean Baseboards
  • Wipe and Dust Lampshades


  • Clean Countertops and Backsplashes

  • Wash and Dust Cabinet Fronts
  • Scrub and Disinfect Sinks
  • Vacuum and Wash Floor
  • Clean Exterior of Appliances

  • Wipe Small Appliances
  • Clean Windowsills
  • Clean Baseboards
  • Empty Trash Bins

  • Wash Light Dishes
  • Clean Tables and Chairs
  • Clean Lights


  • Clean Switches

  • Clean Glass on Doors
  • Vacuum Stairs/Clean Wood
  • Clean Railings
  • Clean Knick Knacks

  • Clean Inside of Electronics Cabinets
  • Straightening Up
  • Clean Fingerprints

  • Vacuum and Mop Hard Surfaces
  • Clean Lights and Fans
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